’Living in and around the Queenstown Lakes District just got even better...”


Queenstown is a great place but its not getting any cheaper and for us locals who need a break LocalCard seems the perfect answer. There are definite savings to be enjoyed by simply purchasing the new “LocalCard” with the card providing discounts and deals across 100 + local friendly businesses.


‘After visiting Queenstown for over 10 years the concept came to me when I was regularly eating out and going out with friends after moving here permanently late last year’ says founder Brendan.


‘I had collected various loyalty cards from different businesses that I had been going to, when one evening when I was heading up to pay the bill I realised I had forgotten one of my reward cards at home and that’s when I thought to myself it’s a real pity there isn’t just one card that I could carry that would identify me as a local and verify my support in order to be rewarded with a “local’s” discount’.


Fast forward a few weeks and Brendan realised it takes varying amounts of time to be recognised as a local, that people don’t always want to ask upfront if a local’s discount applies at every business they go into and the difficulty that staff faced with the inability to simply just recognise a local.  ’That the need to have just one card for the district that could verify your ID with a photo that would give local businesses the certainty to know that you were a local could ‘actually’ work’.


With travel blogs and holiday sites publishing locals codes and promotions that any visiting tourist could use, the use of “LocalCard” gives back to businesses the ability to ensure they are able to truly reward continuous patronage from the local community with generous discounts.


LocalCard was launched in March this year to locals for $49 per year and included $40 worth of value straight up for purchasers. Some early adopters have great things to say about the card: ‘I just love it, Hannah says, it’s really easy with the card to know where the local friendly businesses are that give us locals a discount, all of my friends are totally getting a card’. Jamie says after getting the card he would no longer feel uncomfortable seeking out a discount as a local.


Local businesses on the card display a ‘Welcome Here’ sticker on shopfronts or on their tills and there’s all sorts of businesses on the card supporting the local community with structured local discounts. Natasha says it’s amazing how much you can save, she just uses the businesses who support her now and is thankful for the introduction of the card. In one purchase she paid for her card through the savings ‘and it came with bonus vouchers’, ‘this should have been brought in years ago’ she says.


The early success of the card has enabled the LocalCard team to make a donation of over 100 cards to local charities including the Salvation Army and local sporting clubs in a show of support to give back to the community already.


Founder & Managing Director

"My commitment is to strive to do all that we can to make a lasting positive change starting from a local level. Our mission statement is; ‘We Grow to Give' and our goal is to assist local communities supporting causes that resonate with the community and align with the values of LocalCard."