1) What is LocalCard?

It's a ID card issued only to people living in the Queenstown Lakes district entitling you to 10-60% off many products and services.


2) What are the vouchers that come with my card?


Upon purchasing your card you are issued with bonus vouchers from participating businesses. The vouchers may change at anytime and cannot be exchanged or sold. 

3) Who can order it?


LocalCard isn't permitted for visitors or tourists to Queenstown, only real locals who intend living here for at least six (6) months. We do our very best to limit LocalCard sales to locals. LocalCard will not work if tourists have readily available access to the card. It is in our best interests to limit the card for locals only and be a community driven initiative. We will not deliver a LocalCard to a hotel or any other visitor accomodation address, it takes up to 15 business days to receive a card and we carry out checks to make sure your not a tourist.


We deliver to residential addresses in the following suburbs;

  • Queenstown, Fernhill, Sunshine Bay, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Frankton, Wanaka, Cromwell, Arthurs Point, Shotover, Lake Hayes, Kelvin Heights, Kawaru, Kingston, Dalefield, Speargrass flat, and anywhere in between these suburbs.

4) Why should I buy it?


​You should order your own personalised LocalCard today because;

  • You will save 100s if not 1000s of dollars every year at many local friendly Queenstown businesses

  • You'll be recognised as a real Queenstown Local and not a tourist

  • By liking our Facebook page you will receive updates and access to our competitions where only participating LocalCard holders can win!

5) Why do I have to pay a yearly fee?

The yearly fee covers the cost to;

  • Print the ID card and vouchers

  • Deliver it to you

  • Signup new businesses 

  • Ensure participating businesses honour their discounts and advertise new deals

  • Operate a website, send a monthly e-letter and to provide great customer service 

  • Be able to support the community through fundraising and donations

  • Ensure that LocalCard stays active in Queenstown


If we only charged a one time fee LocalCard would soon fizzle out like other attempts because there's nobody there to keep it active and grow it for the benefit of locals. Paying a yearly fee ensures there's enough funds and incentive to make sure LocalCard remains strong in the Queenstown Lakes district for many years to come!


6) How long after ordering my LocalCard will I receive it?

You should receive your LocalCard within 15 business days from the date you place your order. 

7) Where can I use my LocalCard?

There is a list of 100+ Queenstown Lakes Businesses; you can visit this page anytime to check where you can save, however we encourage all LocalCard holders to present your card at EVERY Queenstown business as many businesses will recognise and honour this card. Presenting your card will encourage other businesses to think about joining the program.

8) Can I use my LocalCard for visiting friends?

If you have friends from out of town coming to visit, you can ask businesses whether they will honour local prices for your friends and it's up to each business whether they want to or not.

9) What happens if I lose my LocalCard?

There is a $15 replacement fee. Simply let us know here and we'll send out a new card to you within 2 business days.