What exactly is LocalCard?

LocalCard is an ID card for the benefit of locals.


Residents with the card get access to 100+ businesses across the Queenstown Lakes district with incentives, bonuses and local discounts ranging from 10-60%. 

Why should I carry another loyalty card?! 


With LocalCard you will no longer have to carry around a dozen or more loyalty cards to obtain your local discount. 

I already get discounts at bars…why do I need one?

The short answer…to help yourself and your local community.

Leaking of ‘local rates’ has occurred for far too long.

In a transient place such as the Queenstown Lakes district, LocalCard makes it easy for local businesses to determine who is and isn’t local to the area. This enables businesses to have the confidence that they are offering local rates to local people. 

With Queenstown LocalCard in place no longer can tourists quote codes and obtain ‘local rates’ from our local friendly businesses. The resulting benefit for local businesses enables them to further assist you and the local community through donations and fundraising events together with LocalCard. 

With a LocalCard you will no longer have to have a conversation about being ‘local’ to a new staff member of a business you frequent ever again.

LocalCard will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year and you will be proud to know that you will be supporting the local community in which you live.


LocalCard will continue to work hard on making your life in the Queenstown Lakes district even more sweeter than it is, the more you support your community the more it will give back.

I’m a local. Why do I need to pay $49 a year to have a card?

We would love to give every resident a card. Unfortunately to run LocalCard there are costs and to cover those we have to charge a small yearly fee to make sure the card stays in operation.

To make it easier for residents to purchase a card we have included when you order your card at bonus vouchers offered by your local friendly businesses totalling over $100.


Why do we think LocalCard is important? 

The ‘local rates’ we all enjoy are now protected and in protecting them we have been able to convince many other businesses who previously were not providing a local rate to now offer residents with the card a discount.

We love supporting local community groups and organisations, our mantra is ‘we grow to give’ and welcome any community group or organisation to be in touch with us.

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